Shakespearean Video Valentines, Made with Love (and AI)

Artificial intelligence has brought back Shakespeare and we're all about it.

Be honest. Were you caught up in the wild ride that is Mardi Gras, and forget today was Valentine’s Day? Or did you just … forget? No judgment here! In fact, we’ve come prepared, bringing AI Shakespeare—who is swooping in to save the day with his quick quips. After all, “brevity is the soul of wit,” is it not? Indeed, we’ve made these downloadable Valentine’s video “cards” that you can send to your friends, family, that special someone, or that group of tenth graders who keep on saying that Shakespeare is lame.

The only problem is that you’ve got to choose just one out of the nine. Or… do you? Scratch that. You can send your Valentine all nine if you really want.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just right-click, save the video, and share.

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