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We're a group of inventors, AI engineers, educators, and creatives, riding the wave of AI adoption and growing with it. This not only grants us profound insight into its remarkable power but also compels us to address the crucial considerations at hand. This journal warmly welcomes others to engage in thought-provoking discussions on how AI can shape education and pedagogy. We hope to serve as a resource for professionals to ethically navigate the ever-evolving domains of edtech, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.


Studies show a 37% improvement over textbooks, revolutionizing education with engaging visuals and interactivity.
Explore the potential of this innovative method for a richer learning experience. Our study compared traditional online textbooks with Prof Jim's Avatar-Generated Videos, revealing a
Explore the potential of assistive learning technologies in this study. Our preliminary findings suggest that AI avatar-narrated videos may significantly improve learning outcomes and engagement
Discover the transformative impact of Reelbooks, powered by AI avatars, in education. Our white paper presents groundbreaking experiments that demonstrate enhanced learning outcomes and the
Our study shows Prof Jim's AI platform makes teachers 15.5 times more efficient and improves student learning. Explore AI's role in saving time, boosting learning,
At this moment in history, textbook publishers are uniquely positioned to lead the way in making education more accessible, engaging, effective, and sustainable for students

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