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We've curated a list of thought leaders who offer unique insights and strategies to make sense of it all.

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The edtech space is noisy. In fact, it’s so noisy that it can seem deafening. With all the chatter, it can feel impossible to know which voices to tune into as you brace yourself for the next disruptive curveball. To fix this, we’ve curated a list of AI-in-education thought leaders who offer unique insights and strategies to make sense of it all. Some of these influencers share groundbreaking research. Others paint a picture with passionate niche advocacy. And then some are tinkering techies who pass on their smart curation of technical tools. So, ready to dig in?

Twitter @drfeifei

Fei-Fei Li is the force behind Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI). With a focus on computer vision, she’s unlocking innovative educational experiences and putting human-centered design at the forefront. Because she’s staunch advocate of ethical AI applications, she’s someone you want to hear out.

Twitter @ISTEofficial

Richard Culatta is a CEO and tech education rockstar, leading the charge at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). And he’s a fierce advocate for the use of technology in classrooms. Indeed, his company serves as the premier destination for educators seeking resources to promote innovative and effective teaching practices.

Twitter @tvanderark

Tom Vander Ark is on a mission to ignite innovation and revolutionize how we educate our future leaders. As the CEO of Getting Smart, he frequently discusses the transformative potential of AI in Education and the importance of preparing students for the AI-driven future. Go and follow his account if you’re looking to discover more about what the future of education can look like.

Twitter @InnovativeEdu

Lisa Nielsen is not just your average ed tech expert. She’s a tech-savvy powerhouse on a mission to revolutionize education through the power of technology. A fierce advocate for empowering educators and students to create secure learning environments, follow her if you’re ready to level up your digital citizenship game and navigate the online world like a pro.

Twitter @edtechAri

Ari Flewelling is a fierce advocate for cybersecurity and equity in education. Ari advocates for equitable access to technology resources, an issue faced by marginalized communities. She works towards bridging the digital divide for underserved students.

Twitter @TCEA

TCEA is the ultimate edtech hub for educators who are looking for knowledge and resources to embrace transformative tech. Their content focuses on professional development and networking. They focus on equipping yourself with the tools to create dynamic learning environments. And they aim to prepare both teachers and students for the digital age.

Twitter @TeacherGoals

Started by Brad Weinstein in 2014, TeacherGoals started off as a simple account and hashtag to inspire teachers—and became so much more. Now, they’re an active publishing house, hub for professional for teacher’s development, and place for teachers to learn from each other. Moving quick, one of their latest books is called The AI Classroom, featuring Daniel Fitzpatrick, self-dubbed The AI Educator. Oh, speaking of which:

Twitter @DanFitzTweets

AI in education might be changing at the speed of light, but somehow Dan Fitzpatrick is keeping up with it all. Known as the “The AI Educator,” he’s zeroed in on this space, and is constantly tweeting knowledge, in-between his research and AI-related travels.

Twitter @ClassTechTips

Monica Burns is the edtech guru behind “Class Tech Tips.” She shares an expertise that empowers educators to leverage technology, including AI, to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences. 

Twitter @CoolCatTeacher

Vicki Davis, also known as the “Cool Cat Teacher,” is an award-winning teacher and educational blogger who is a big fan of integrating technology in the classroom. Because of her thought-provoking content and practical resources, she’s worth a follow if you’re a forward-thinking educator.

Keeping up with AI in Education

Okay, so if you’re still with us, then you know that this space moves fast. So, whether you’re an educator, investor, or decision-maker, following the right Ai-in-education thought leaders and social media accounts is crucial to staying current. We hope following some of these accounts will enable you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and discover new ways to consider and implement AI in education. But we’re not done yet! We’re always eager to hear your suggestions and recommendations. Who else should we add to this exceptional lineup? Tweet at us @ProfJim AI or email us directly at

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